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    August 01, 2021 2 min read 0 Comments

    The Third Maker I want to introduce you to in my Meet The Makers Series is PCL – Professional Photographic Print Lab. The talented artisans responsible for the printing and framing of my limited-edition artworks.

    Meet The Makers, PCL – Professional Photographic Print Lab

    I have been working with Chris and his talented team for 20 years. PCL are the artisans I trust to print and frame my limited-edition art works.  

    Set up Chris’ Dad, Jack Culverwell in 1973. “I started PCL in March 1973. I’d been actively taking pictures for a few years, and I felt that I could offer a lab service primarily for commercial photographers. I began just processing all types of films. Over the years we have expanded our services to where we are today with the most sophisticated equipment and talented staff to fulfil any requirements that artists and photographers could possibly want. My son Chris joined the company 32 years ago and has worked every area of the lab, my wife Suzanne is the company accountant, so we can honestly say that we are a true family business.” 

    I started working with PCL as a young assistant photographer – I would drop off film and transparency for developing, arrange contact sheets and proofs for the professionals I worked for. And have been using these amazing technicians ever since.  Over the 20 years from film to digital, they have been an absolute asset to creating my beautiful artworks.  They handle the fine art printing of my work.  And carefully ensure the prints and framing are fit for any high-end gallery or home wall, which will last for years to come.