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    June 14, 2021 2 min read 0 Comments

    Welcome to the first of my Meet The Makers Series. The Artisan craft is so important to me. I cannot put into words the admiration and love I have for the Artisan makers I work with. So I decided to introduce them to you through a Meet The Makers Series, to give you insight into the importance of ensuring that these skills are celebrated and retained. First in the series is Nancy. 

    Nancy Huggard – Sewing Extraordinaire - Machinist

    Nancy is a Sewing Extraordinaire, creating HB sewn goods.  Pillowcases, Pouches, Sunglass cases, Cushion covers. Nancy always endeavours to perfect my pieces for my customers.  

    Nancy has been helping me create my made fabric pieces since I launched in 2018. She has a wealth of knowledge of all things stitched and sewn. Her background spans more than 50 years in the rag trade. Gathering skills learned from her family, she progressed into a career as an extremely skilled machinist.  Specialising in structured pieces such as jackets and coats, she has worked with a plethora of NZ fashion designers – one of the more recent,  Kate Sylvester. 

    She has helped my business in so many ways.  Giving me insight into a process I knew very little about. She has solved all sorts of design complications, & we work together to look for ways to use all the fabric we have, ensuring our waste is extremely minimal. 

    Alongside being a Sewing Extraordinaire Nancy is a Mother of 3, Grandmother to 5, an amazing human, and gentle and caring soul. She loves her coffee ;-) And is an avid flower enthusiast.

    The world is blessed to have such a wonderful and talented maker.