Floral Styling

Floral Styling

August 01, 2017

FLORAL STYLING FOR ERDEM & H&M - Images by Helen Bankers.

Prior to the release of the coveted ErdemxH&M fashion collection globally, Helen was part of the team to capture behind the scenes for NZ creative floral extraordinaire - Floral Stylist.  The brief to bring to life the Baz Luhrmann-directed “The Secret Life of Flowers” campaign.  An experience with romantic floral styling by Borrow & Beau and Floral Stylist Co.  

A bit about Floral Stylist

Sue cameron is floral stylist’s owner and creative director. Sue has honed her craft for over 20 years creating flowers and styling for countless weddings and events. Her designs are on trend and crafted with a discerning eye. Nature’s colour palette, texture, diversity and seasonal change are her muse.


View the styling for Erdem & H&M here: https://www.floralstylist.co.nz/erdem-hm/


Floral Stylist

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Auckland-based artist Helen Bankers has always been attracted to the natural world. Her work has taken her around the world for a myriad of publications and brands, but when she’s not on assignment Helen loves exploring the creative side of photography.

“Throughout my career I’ve learnt a lot about the importance of leading a balanced life,” says Helen. “I realised that I have an overwhelming desire to produce a more artistic and illustrative side of work.”

Outside of her magazine and commercial projects, Helen can be found in her home studio creating work that celebrates the natural world. She has a sharp eye for detail and particularly likes working with flora and fauna.

“I’m inspired by the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe, and Australian florists such as Saskia Havekes at Grandiflora. I enjoy looking at the fine form and intricacy of flowers and plants,” says Helen, who lives with her engineer husband Dan and daughter Isla, in the eastern suburbs. 

“From that passion grew a series with a focus on botanical studies.”

The abstract images, which often combine close-up detail, colour and texture, form the basis of Helen’s Limited Edition Fine Art Prints collection. 

As well as having a passion for photographing nature, Helen has a talent for interiors and portrait photography. “I have a love for people and interiors,” she says. “I love telling the story of someone’s life journey through their homes and how their homes reflect the lifestyle they lead,” she says.

*From my experience shooting interiors, I’ve been inspired to create a range of botanical images that people can enjoy in and around the home.”

Helen’s Limited Edition Fine Art Prints are available on this site.

For art work leasing, please contact www.artassociates.co.nz

Available for private commissions – please enquire helen@helenbankers.com

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