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    May 13, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

    One of the parts of my job that I have always loved the most is collaborating with other creatives.

    I find that my work gets enriched by their ideas, and the way they approach the same project. It is very important to keep expanding your creative horizon constantly so you can let new ideas enter and nourish your own creative world. This is why I love partnering with other creatives on projects.

    By default, my professional work lends itself to collaboration.

    On commercial projects, I get to work with creative directors, stylists, interior designers, architects but also with marketers, founders. So a day at the office is usually packed with creative ideas that we all channel into a single result: the campaign picture or the editorial spreads people will pour over in a magazine. 

    "Helen Bankers" "Photographer"


    Working with so many different people over the years has given me the opportunity to learn about different ways to be a creative.

    Some people are classically trained, having gone to art school for instance, while others just follow their creative dream and others simply end up doing a creative job they excel at without realising they always were creatives to begin with.

    I love talking about the creative process with people I work with because it allows me to understand how we will best work together to create something unique and artistically satisfying for all. 


    "Helen Bankers" "Visual Artist" "Photographer

    Our conversations about the creative process always prompt more ideas and often give me solutions to creative problems too.

    As people always ask me how I find my inspiration, I thought I should share with everyone a few conversations that I am having with some of my favourite collaborators on being a creative and creating together in a new blog series called Creative Conversations

    I have used my lockdown time to chat with very talented creatives so I hope you enjoy the upcoming blog posts.

    A sneak preview: my first Creative Conversation will be with a talented stylist who inspire me every day. You will want to read this one, this creative pro is full of wisdom and seriously cool too.

    See you very soon,

    Helen x